Urban Transition Management

Cities contribute profoundly to the waste of material resources and to environmental degradation, but simultaneously, they offer a promising scene for decisive local action. Therefore, local organizations and individuals set up thriving targets and initiatives to contribute to a sustainable city, addressing sustainability challenges with policy and societal action.

They are, however, often confronted with the bewilderingly complex nature of sustainability issues.The transition perspective offers help, outlining that transitions, rather than being managed, can be influenced, supported, and accelerated. The urban transition management (UTM) approach provides a framework for gaining insight in societal dynamics, in order to explore alternative pathways and to build upon innovative initiatives in an urban context.

Our Expertise

Our team possesses theoretical and practical expertise in the field of urban transition management. This expertise is continuously informed and updated by on-going advisory and research projects in which our trainers and lecturers are involved, such as the European ARTS research project on Accelerating and Rescaling Transitions to Sustainability, and the European research project Governance of Urban Sustainability Transitions. Furthermore, we integrate cutting edge knowledge and experience from practitioners and researchers in our network by involving them as lecturers and speakers.

TAC Offer

Our lecturers and trainers combine thorough knowledge and perspectives from renowned scientific resources with experiences, insights and tools from diverse urban projects. Under our teams inspired guidance, you get acquainted with the transition perspective for understanding and describing sustainability challenges in cities; gain hands-on experience with the transition management approach and its key methods; learn from other cities and exchange experiences with peers; and reflect on your personal and organizational role in a transition.


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