Transitions in the Social Domain

Healthcare, social housing, youth welfare and ageing: these themes are often gathered in the Social Domain. This domain faces major and fundamental challenges, due to the current historical transformation of the welfare state.

As in other European countries, the Netherlands has seen budgets cuts, decentralization and a neoliberal focus on the individual, leading to several types of reform. Our work in the Social Domain deals with underlying political and ethical issues, such as socio-economic inequalities, power dynamics, solidarity and justice. By studying these issues, we detect new ways of collaboration and co-creation, to guide the transition towards a fair and just society.

Our Expertise

Our lecturers and trainers have gathered and analyzed a vast amount of empirical and theoretical insights concerning transitions in the Social Domain. Our lecturers and trainers have practiced transition management in the social domain, from describing transitions dynamics in the fields of health care and youth welfare, to a neighborhood transition lab focusing on social cohesion (Veerkracht, InContext, Doe-democratie). Our expertise is continuously informed and updated by on-going academic and advisory projects on transitions in the Social Domain.

TAC Offer

The Transition Academy offers a transition perspective on the social domain while at the same time critically reflecting on the challenges. Our intensive and diverse curriculum applies the insights, tools and perspectives of transition management with the current challenges in the Social Domain. From courses for professionals in the public domain, health networks and healthcare institutions, to tailor made courses that combine transition theory with practical action: you master new ways of governing and furthering societal transition in your own professional environment.


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