Social Innovation, Power & Empowerment

The sharing economy, green energy cooperatives or alternative insurance arrangements: just a few examples of social innovations, which are often seen as a response to state and market failures. Because of their transformative potential, these new social practices and relations can be an important ingredient for societal transitions.

This brings along high expectations of the potential contributions to solve economic, ecological and social crises, while the replication or scaling of social innovations is still challenging. Moreover, the shifting power relations involved in social innovation come with several challenges and struggles. In order to tackle these challenges and foster the transformative ability of social innovations, we offer a nuanced transition perspective on social innovation, that empowers people to take lead in creating a better world.

Our Expertise

This empowerment is facilitated and encouraged by the expertise of our trainers and lecturers. Our team studies the positive and transformative potential of social innovation while simultaneously critically reflecting on its challenges, and combines thorough academic action research with teaching and advisory work. Our expertise on social innovation, power and empowerment is continuously informed and updated by past and on-going research projects our trainers and lecturers are involved in, such as the international TRANSIT research project. We also integrate cutting edge knowledge and experience from practitioners and researchers in our network by involving them as lecturers and speakers.

TAC Offer

In our Masterclasses, lectures and in-company courses, we integrate a nuanced perspective on social innovation. We combine large philosophical questions on what social innovation is and how it relates to long-term transformation, with the more pragmatic issues regarding new business models and facilitation tools. In our masterclasses, lectures and custom made modules, you are provided with thorough knowledge and applicable tools that help you apply theory of social innovation, power and empowerment in your field of interest.


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