Learning, Evaluation & Reflexive Monitoring

Whether it concerns individual innovation initiatives or full-fledged transition projects: learning and monitoring are essential to all transition efforts. Transitions call for a social learning process taking place at multiple levels that crosses the boundaries between different organizations, interests and value orientations.

In contrast to traditional monitoring approaches, transitions are marked by low control, high uncertainty and all kinds of mutual interdependencies between actors. Therefore, it is vital to have a learning approach to monitoring that enables meaningful insights for multiple perspectives and nudging and triggering innovations towards transition. At Transition Academy we embrace an innovative approach to monitoring that does justice to the complexities of transitions, in order to learn to guide and accelerate the process.

Our Expertise

Our team possesses theoretical and practical expertise in the field of learning, evaluation and monitoring. This expertise is continuously informed and updated by on-going advisory and research projects in which our trainers and lecturers are involved, such as monitoring system change programmes in education, agriculture (TransForum 2008-2010), mobility (Transumo 2008-2009) and healthcare (Transitieprogramma in de langdurige zorg 2010). Furthermore, we integrate cutting edge knowledge and experience from practitioners and researchers in our network by involving them as lecturers and speakers.

TAC Offer

The Transition Academy offers a process orientation to learning, connected to transition monitoring and reflexive monitoring. In our Masterclasses, lectures and in-company courses, we connect this to core transition science concepts such as reflexivity, transition management and the multilevel perspective. We combine an integrated perspective on learning, rooted in cognitive psychology, social learning and negotiation of meaning with practical tools that support learning, both as part of transition programme monitoring and as a part of reflexive monitoring. By mastering this diverse and reflexive approach, you acquire the insights and tools to guide and accelerate change in your own professional environment.


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