Energy Transition

Our energy system is changing. From innovative buyers collaborating to purchase and stimulate solar energy, to local start-ups and initiatives selling sustainable energy: rapid developments change the roles played in the energy market. Until now, the system was clear-organized, with large corporations and governments as energy producers and civilians as buyers and consumers.

The changing roles in the system, however, entail that civilian consumers become producers too and as a result, existing business models and regulations are under pressure. By studying the interactions between old and emerging structures, the new and sustainable energy system becomes visible. With new insights, flexibility and hands-on understanding, offered by our research and projects, we strengthen and further the energy transition.

Our Expertise

Our team possesses theoretical and practical expertise on energy transitions. This expertise is continuously informed and updated by on-going advisory and research projects in which our trainers and lecturers are involved. Some of the examples are the research project on interaction in the energy transition in which partners of all sectors are represented (TRAPESES), advisory trajectories for local governments (Drenthe in Transitie) and a diversity of societal debates (FD Energiedebat, Week van Energie, SER Energie-akkoord). Our team also integrates cutting edge knowledge and experience from other practitioners and researchers in our network by involving them as lecturers and speakers.

TAC offer

The Transition Academy offers a multifarious perspective on the energy transition: we acknowledge and encourage the transformative potential of the diversity of societal initiatives and start-ups, but we also recognize that extension, supplementation and support of these initiatives is needed to achieve fundamental change. To accomplish this, our educational programs entail strong problem analyses of the fossil fuel system as well as thorough research of the development of alternatives and the interaction between different parties and actors. With these combined insights, facilitation and support of the energy transition is guided and strengthened.


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