There’s a TAC Talk in town!

Monday morning 22nd of June Steve Waddell, lead of GOLDEN Ecosystems Labs, will be speaker on the 5th TAC talk of DRIFT.

Steve will share with us his new ideas for societal transformation by exploring Large Systems Change. After this invigorating talk with a personal touch we will collectively dive into elements that surprised us or made us itch.

“I am passionate about advancing large system, complex change and development as a field of action and practice to address big critical issues of our day ranging from climate change to financial systems, and from food security to corruption. This I do by always asking the question “How can the gap between our highest aspirations and the current state be narrowed?” – Steve Waddell

TAC talks are short, inspiring talks which challenge people to Think and Act for radical Change towards sustainability. Brief, personal and from the heart, all talks will become online available as a video on our Youtube channel.


  • This TAC-talk will be held at DRIFT’s office: Mandeville building T16-54.
  • Monday 22 June 10.15-11.00h.
  • There is no charge but please let us know whether you will be present by sending an email to Marieke Verhagen: .

We look forward to seeing you there!

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