The Transition Academy develops education based on insights from transition studies, a field of research that focuses on processes of long term change towards sustainability.

In 2004, a network of researchers interested in societal change and sustainability came together under the umbrella of the Dutch Knowledge Network for System Innovation and Transitions (KSI). The founding fathers of this KSI network – professor John Grin, professor Johan Schot and professor Jan Rotmans –  defined a sustainability transition as a “radical transformation towards a sustainable society, as a response to a number of persistent problems confronting contemporary modern societies”.

In the past decade, transition studies have developed into an internationally recognised field of academic research, involving renowned research institutes across the world. The KSI-network has been succeeded by the Sustainability Transitions Research Network (STRN). Within this network, the Dutch Research Institute for Transitions (DRIFT) specialises in action research: the translation between scientific research and practical action.


DRIFT’s motivation to found and host the Transition Academy is based on a desire to create a platform for collaboration between scholars and practitioners within and beyond the STRN-network to share and develop existing and new endeavours in transition education. For more information on our concept of collaboration click here.

For more background information about DRIFT & transition studies click here.