Tatiana Glad, Striving for Systemic Impact

In the build-up to the Masterclass Societal Transitions, we want to inspire the bridge-builders, innovators and entrepreneurs around us. This time we ask course guide Tatiana Glad, co-founder and director Impact Hub Amsterdam for her thoughts and reading tips. Dive into the following articles and inspire yourself with new knowledge to foster systemic impact.

The challenges we face today are so intricately connected to each other that we need to develop a new mindset and relational practice to begin to understand how to be effective – and how to be effective together.  Working with others is easy, but really rolling up your sleeves to work towards common achievement – even when it means uncovering the ugliness, and examining it – is not. But it is in this very place of creative tension, and inviting in of requisite diversity, that innovation has the potential to emerge.

– Tatiana Glad, co-founder and director Impact Hub Amsterdam