Module: Power & Politics of Innovation and Transitions

The second edition of our masterclass Societal Transitions starts November 1st 2016. The intensive 5-day programme involves a series of interactive lectures, discussions and participatory methods. Day 3 offers a full day of learning on the power and politics of innovation and transitions and of reflection on power and politics in your own professional environment.

The diverse lectures are taught by Tatiana Glad (Impact Hub), dr. Flor Avelino (DRIFT) and prof. dr. Maarten Hajer, distinguished professor Urban Futures at Utrecht University. Tatiana Glad will focus on purpose-driven leadership within individual and organisational contexts. Tantiana’s lecture draws on process and governance approaches that enable leaders to mediate power struggles and political tensions. Prof. dr. Maarten Hajer combines academic expertise of political theory with leadership experience in the public sector, to share his insights on environmental politics and smart ways to play into political dynamics and engage with government institutions. In the evening, we reflect on the concepts of power and empowerment with Dr. Flor Avelino, who leads participants through a power-in-transition exercise. Furthermore, dr. Avelino shares her academic insights on power and empowerment, based on social and political theory and psychological research on intrinsic motivation. Expect to be challenged to identify your own power and empowerment potential.

Curious about the complete curriculum? Read the description here. And do you want to participate in the masterclass and drive the change? Apply now – subscription will be close in the first week of October!