Rick Bosman, Msc

Lecturer & Trainer

Researcher and Advisor, DRIFT

Rick’s work focusses on the energy transition, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Recently, Rick advised Economic Affairs committee of the Dutch parliament on the effects of Germany’s Energiewende on the Netherlands and the Social Economic Council in its efforts to reach an Energy Agreement for Sustainable Growth. Next to publishing scientific work, Rick writes for popular media such as the Financieele Dagblad and European Energy Review, teaches at the Haagse Hogeschool and is a frequently invited speaker at conferences. Rick holds a Bachelor degree in Environmental Sciences and a Master degree in Renewable Energy Management from University of Freiburg (GER). In between he spent one semester at the Australian National University to study Sustainable Energy Systems. Before starting at DRIFT, Rick gained work experience in the (renewable) energy sector at the Netherlands Embassies in Australia and Germany and with Clingendael International Energy Programme.


  • Advised in the SER Energieakkoord; Energiewende roundtable of the Economic Affairs committee of Dutch parliament; Energy transition Province of South-Holland
  • Teacher Transition Management at the Haagse Hogeschool in the Climate & Management programme

Relevant Publications

  • Bosman, R., Loorbach, D., Frantzeskaki, N. and Pistorius, T. (forthcoming) Discursive Regime Dynamics in the Dutch Energy Transition. Journal of Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions.
  •  Bosman, R., van Raak, R., Rotmans, J. i.s.m. Vermeulen, M., van de Waal, J. (forthcoming) Zuid-Holland op St(r)oom: Ruimte voor de energietransitie. Den Haag: Provincie Zuid-Holland
  • Bosman, R. (forthcoming) No transition without conflict. European Energy Review Special Report: The transition to a world based on sustainable energy.