Dr. PJ (Pieter Jelle) Beers

Lecturer & trainer

Senior researcher

PJ Beers researchers learning processes in the context of societal change and sustainable development. He has studied and facilitated initiatives towards transition in education and in agriculture. In addition, he has developed and taught various courses about learning and transitions. PJ likes to teach as interactively as possible—the more learners collaboratively teach themselves, the better. He enjoys challenging people, and likes it even better when his students challenge him.


  • Co-developer / co-ordinator / teacher “Social learning and sustainable development” (6 ECTS)
  • Developer / co-ordinator / teacher PhD-course “Innovation for Sustainability: Bringing Theory into Practice”
  • Developer / co-ordinator / teacher “Life Sciences Communication and Learning in the Digital Age” (6 ECTS)
  • Developer / co-ordinator / teacher “Academic Argumentation Skills in Text and Debate” (1.5 ECTS)
  • Team coach in the “Academic Consultancy Training”

Relevant Publications

Beers, P.J. & Geerling-Eiff, F. (In Press). Networks as policy instruments for innovation. Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension.

Beers, P.J., Veldkamp, A., Hinssen, J.P.P. & Hermans, F. (In Press). Social learning inside and outside transition projects: Playing free jazz for a heavy metal audience. NJAS-Wageningen Journal of Life Sciences.

Sol, J., Beers, P.J. & Wals, A.E.J. (2013). Social learning in regional innovation networks: trust, commitment and reframing as emergent properties of interaction. Journal of Cleaner Production, 49, 35-43.

Beers, P.J., Veldkamp, A., Hermans, F., Van Apeldoorn, D., Vervoort, J.M., & Kok, K. (2010). Future sustainability and images. Futures, 42, 723-732.

Fischer, A.H., Beers, P.J., Van Latesteijn, H., Andeweg, K., Jacobsen, E., Mommaas, H., Van Trijp, J.C.M., & Veldkamp, A. (2012). Support for triggering sustainable development of the Dutch agricultural sector: The TransForum scientific portfolio. Agronomy for Sustainable Development, 32(2), 595-608.