Ir. Pepik Henneman, Msc

Lecturer & Expert Practitioner

Director Meneer de Leeuw

Pepik is director and founder of ‘Meneer de Leeuw, a lab for societal change. After graduating at the T.U. Delft (1996) he began his career as a petroleum engineer at Shell International. Taken by the concept of sustainability he developed the groundworks for his vision and practice at Schumacher College (MSc Holistic Science 2001). In 2000, Pepik founded the consultancy ‘Innovaders’ from which he advised organizations on sustainable business. In 2006 he became affiliated with the Dutch Research Institute for Transitions (DRIFT) at Rotterdam Erasmus University and through Meneer de Leeuw he is still involved in several DRIFT projects.

Pepik co-initiated the ‘Burgemeester Academy’,  a learning trajectory for public servants who are responsible for national, regional or local policy, in which new ways of participation are studied. He is also one of the lecturers in our dutch Masterclass Transition Management and regularly teaches in other trainings or masterclasses organized by the Transition Academy.

Relevant Publications

Burgermeesterboek, 2011 (Frontrunners in Action), which describes a perspective on societal change and proposes a method for local sustainable innovation.