Marieke Verhagen, Msc

Lecturer & Trainer

Researcher & Advisor, DRIFT

Marieke studied at Utrecht University, Washington University (U.S.A) and Leiden University obtaining a BA in History of International Affairs & Gender Studies and a MSc in International & Development Administration. She became familiar with transition management during her master thesis on change dynamics in a Dutch neighborhood framed as a social complex system. After her studies she started advising businesses on Corporate Social Responsibility in the Netherlands and in England, specializing in the (international) social aspects. Marieke is an experienced facilitator of workshops and trainings. She has a keen eye for social processes and knows how to give all participants a voice in participative sessions. She greatly enjoys giving worksohps and trainings and her enthousiasm is contageous.


  • Marieke has experience in workshop facilitation, as a lecturer and giving training sessions.
  • Areas of expertise: Complex systems; Governance; Corporate Social Responsibility; Circular Economy; Transition Management; Gender; International relations.