Julia Wittmayer, Msc

Lecturer & Trainer

Sr Researcher, DRIFT

Julia Wittmayer holds a Master degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology and is interested in social innovation and social sustainability in urban areas and on local scale. Next to this she also has experiences in monitoring and evaluation in a transition context on the small scale (i.e. with transition initiatives in urban neighbourhoods)  as well as on the national scale (i.e. with transition programs in agriculture, mobility and healthcare). Theoretically, she is interested in the roles, social relations and interactions of actors involved in transition (management) processes and initiatives.

Julia has been (co-) facilitating a number of transition management processes and has experience in training groups in transition management methods.


  • Guest lecturer & Reflector Masterclass Transition Management (2011 – heden)
  • Guest trainer “Transition Management” for the Pioneers into Practice Programme of the Climate-KIC,  European Institute of Innovation & Technology 2013
  • Invited guest lecturer/speaker at different occasions (e.g. University Antwerp, Bildungsministerium Baden-Württemberg, Future Cities Initiative Japan)
  • Coaching policy officers/policy makers in applying transition management

Relevant Publications

For a full list of Julia’s publications, click here.