Frank van Steenbergen, Msc

Lecturer & Trainer

Sr. Researcher & Advisor, DRIFT

Frank van Steenbergen has an academic background in Sociology (MSc) and Communication studies (BA) with a focus on intercultural and urban dynamics. He joined DRIFT (Erasmus University Rotterdam) in 2010, where he mainly focusses on social and local aspects within transition studies.

Most of his research at DRIFT relates to the implementation of the transition perspective on the social domain (e.g. health care, welfare, education, and housing) and on the local scale of  neighbourhoods (or districts) in deprived urban areas. He is also actively involved in exploring innovative forms of (urban) governance.

Due to his involvement within a broad range of (European) projects, Frank has facilitated and organized interactive workshops with e.g. professionals, researchers, academics, etc. on a variety of topics (urban development, revitalization of deprived neighborhoods, local democratic participation, envisioning and backcasting, etc.). He also gives lectures on his research in different educational settings, at (academic) conferences and other kinds of knowledge platforms.


  • Transitiemanagement Masterclass, post-academische cursus
  • Minor Sociaal-duurzame Wijk (DRIFT together with TU Delft)

Relevant Publications

  • Van Steenbergen, F. & Wittmayer, J. (2012) Carnisse in transitie? Een verkenning van het verleden, het heden en de toekomst van een Rotterdamse wijk. 30 oktober 2012. DRIFT-uitgave. E 2012.05
  • Wittmayer, J., van Steenbergen, F., Quist, J., Loorbach, D. & C. Hoogland (2011) The Community Arena: A co-creation tool for sustainable behaviour by local communities. Methodological Guidelines. Deliverable 4.1, InContext: EU ENV.2010.4.2.3-1 grant agreement n° 265191.
  • Avelino, F., F. van Steenbergen & D. Loorbach (2010) Poetsen met een Plan. Position Paper Kenniswerkplaats Achterstandswijken. DRIFT Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
  • Uitermark, J. & Van Steenbergen, F. (2006), Post-multiculturalisme en stedelijk burgerschap. Over de neoliberale transformatie van het Amsterdamse integratiebeleid. Verschenen in: Sociologie, nummer 2, jaargang 3 (p. 265-287). Boom, Amsterdam/Meppel.