Esther van der Valk

Esther van der Valk (born 1963) is an expert in creating a strong and productive transition environment & setting for individuals and organization in societal transition. In her approach& style she combines personal development and professional success. Since two years her main theme has been the role of individuals in times of deep change. Esther links the innovators to people from the routines and bridges the gap between striving and creating.

She is an executive coach, trainer, facilitator, speaker and moderator focusing on personal development & societal transition. Esther brings in narratives and practical tools in order to link an individual’s perspective to deep societal change. She teaches them to be comfortable out of control in these times. She helps organizations and people to build teams that are capable to work effectively during these system changes. Teams with an eye for the new and with respect for the old systems.

Esther has a people-attached nature, a wide angle, with an even love for innovation and the old routines.

Relevant Publications

Samen met Harry te Riele schrijft Esther aan een boek over Maatschappelijke Transities en de rol van het individu.


Esther runs her private five- and three day courses on societal transitions and personal growth under the label

Over the years she development several open courses on ‘Systemic working in organizations’, ‘Systemic work in teams’, ‘Systemic Coaching’, ‘Starting kit for the Young Professional’.

With clients:
Team development Nationale Nederlanden (since 2006)
Executive coaching ABN AMRO, ING, Seyster Veste, UMC, IMW Tilburg, RSD-KRH, SRK Rechtsbijstand, CBG MEB, Gemeente Rotterdam

  • Consultant and coach in governance and business for accelerating transitions
  • Experienced in building a productive environment for transitions
  • Expertise in developing power to change for individual & organisation
  • Developer, with Harry te Riele of the Transition& Position Map, communication tool in processes of societal transition