Dr. Niki Frantzeskaki

Lecturer & Trainer

Sr. Researcher, DRIFT

Dr. Niki Frantzeskaki is a researcher of sustainability transitions. Her research focusses on theory development of the governance dynamics of sustainability transitions and the design and application of transition management processes. Niki has been researching sustainability transitions as a fundamental and transdisciplinary researcher since 2006. She has experience as a research leader within a number of international research projects and as experience in designing and facilitating transition management processes in different contexts (i.e. energy strategy development, urban water strategy development in Melbourne and in the Pacific Islands and green city development in Rotterdam and Stockholm).

Niki has published several articles, chapters and reports on these themes at international conferences. Currently Niki is researching the role of local initiatives in rerouting cities to sustainability transitions, and how these initiatives can be better empowered, facilitated and supported to grow and scale-up.


Niki has extensive experience in post-graduate education programs lecturing in Environmental Science and Management Master of Science programs in the Netherlands (Erasmus University, Wageningen University), in Sweden (Lund University) and in Hungary (Central European University). She has a proven record in and done research on interactive learning and ICT mediated learning in Higher Engineering Education with Delft University of Technology (2005-2010) where she was lecturing on methods for Policy Analysis. In 2008 she was awarded with the Simon Peerdeman Award for her excellent contribution to TU Delft’s higher education and has over 10 (peer reviewed) papers on education research for sustainability.

Relevant Publications

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  • Frantzeskaki, N., and Loorbach, D., (2010), Towards governing infrasystem transitions, Reinforcing lock-in or facilitating change? Technological Forecasting and Social Change, Vol.77, Issue 8, pp.1292-1301.


For a complete overview of Niki’s publications, see her personal profile page at DRIFT: http://www.drift.eur.nl/?p=2736