dr. ir. Bram Verhees

Researcher, Journalist, Photographer

Bram holds an engineering Masters’ degree in innovation sciences as well as a PhD in transition studies from Eindhoven University of Technology. His dissertation investigated the contested development of, and societal resistance against, nuclear power in The Netherlands and the UK. Since then, he has worked as a researcher and teacher at the School of Innovation Sciences where his main research interests are sustainability transitions, and in particular the roles of policy, users, lifestyles and culture in these. Bram is also a freelance science journalist, blogger and photographer.


Coach and mentor in for the Hungarian region in Pioneers into Practice – an EU sponsored Climate-KIC program that is aimed at providing tools to help sustainable start-ups across Europe.

Designing and teaching Master’s courses such as ‘Sustainability Transitions and Responsible Innovation’, ‘System Innovations & Strategic Niche Management’ and ‘Building Europe on Transnational Infrastructures’

Invited speaker at the Netherlands Graduate School of Science, Technology and Modern Culture (WTMC), Wageningen UR, the University of Sussex’ Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU), and the Transition Academy.

Relevant Publications

  • B Verhees, 2012, Cultural legitimacy and innovation journeys: a new perspective applied to Dutch and British nuclear power. Eindhoven: Eindhoven University Press.
  • B Verhees, R Raven, F Veraart, A Smith, F Kern, 2013, ‘The development of solar PV in The Netherlands: A case of survival in unfriendly contexts’, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 19, 275-289.
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  • R Raven, F Kern, B Verhees, A Smith, 2016, ‘Niche construction and empowerment through socio-political work. A meta-analysis of six low-carbon technology cases’, Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions 18, 164-180