Dr. Flor Avelino

Academic Director TAC

Sr. Researcher, DRIFT

Dr. Flor Avelino is Academic Director of the Transition Academy and is one of the lead lecturers for several of our Masterclasses. As the academic director of the Transition Academy, she strives to co-create new learning environments to challenge people to think and act for radical change. Flor has extensive experience teaching and lecturing on topics such as  ‘sustainability transitions’, ‘transition management’, ‘power’ and ‘empowerment’ in various forms of higher education (applied, undergraduate, post-graduate, post-academic and professional).

Flor has worked as a fundamental and applied researcher at DRIFT since 2005, with a focus on power and empowerment sustainability transitions. Besides academic research, she has worked as a strategic transition management advisor for several Dutch governmental organizations and sustainability projects. Currently, Flor is leading new research projects that focus on social innovation and the power of civil society to self-organise sustainability transitions. Flor’s dream is to found, live and work in a vibrant eco-community where daily life is intertwined with diverse forms of art, action research, and life-long-learning.


  • Academic director & lecturer post-academic Masterclass “Transition Management” (2011-2014)
  • Trainer “System Innovations & Transitions” for the Pioneers into Practice Programme of the Climate-KIC,  European Institute of Innovation & Technology (2011-2013)
  • Developer &  Trainer of various In-Company Trainings on Transition Management (2011-2104)
  • Guest lecturer / speaker on Transition Theory, Sustainability and/or Power Theory in various courses and at various Universities (2008-2014)

Relevant Publications

  • Avelino, F. (2011) Power in Transition: Empowering Discourses on Sustainability Transitions. PhD-Thesis. Rotterdam: Erasmus University Rotterdam