Module: Narratives of Change and Social Entrepreneuralism

Are you ready to drive change, but do you need knowledge, tools or new perspectives? Do you want to discover what fits you and your goals and construct you own narrative of change? On the 1st of November, the second edition of our Masterclass Societal Transitions will start: an intensive, 5-day course, that involves a series of interactive lectures, discussions and participatory methods. To give a sneak preview of the curriculum, we share descriptions of the different modules of the masterclass and matching, thought-provoking reads. Stay tuned!

Worldwide we see critiques of current economic and institutional arrangements emerging. These critiques are translated into action by initiatives promoting new ways of doing, thinking and organizing around alternative ‘new economies’. All sorts of new economy concepts arise; green, communal, collaborative, sharing, inclusive, solidarity, social, circular and several others. On the first day of our upcoming Masterclass Societal Transitions, we will look into these initiatives, their merits and their challenges, and learn to apply best practices in our own professional environment.

On the 1th November, participants of the Masterclass will be welcomed to our learning environment in Impact Hub. Tatiana Glad, Msc will introduce its origin story, and the work of social entrepreneurs within a broader narrative of systemic change.  We will look at mental models and practices that enable systemic change and  new ways of doing business, as well as their practical application in the course of building an initiative (be it a project or an enterprise). Tatiana will address the limitations of ‘change management’ and the prevailing view on ‘organisational change’ in enabling diverse people to engage and act collectively, drawing on working with the Art of Hosting, Holacracy, and Living Systems.

Inspired by state-of-the-art research and practice, dr. Flor Avelino will introduce the theory of transformative social innovation and discuss examples of social movements and translocal networks that are working on social innovation and transformative change in practice (e.g. global ecovillage movement, community energy, slow food, participatory budgeting, etc.). We reflect on the similarities and differences of these different narratives of change. For the last part of the afternoon, we will have a small field trip to engage with a socially entrepreneurial change initiative in Amsterdam and apply our newly learned lenses to unpack its role in systemic impact.

Curious about the other modules of the Masterclass Societal Transitions? Read the description of the different course modules here. And do you want to participate in the masterclass? Apply now; subscription will close in the first week of October!