Masterclass Societal Transitions: FAQs

We get a lot of questions concerning our Masterclass Societal Transitions. And even though we love to talk to you directly to see if our course would suit you, we’ve tried to answer some of the FAQs in this message. In case you’ve got any other questions or you you want us to clarify some of the answers, please let us know.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much time will I have to invest?
    The time you will have to save this fall in case of participating will be dedicated to 4 different activities: (1) reading, (2) writing a learning paper, (3) participating in the actual course in November and December and (4) preparing short pitch to present your learning at the come-back day on December 9th. If you aim to earn ECTS credits for this masterclass, there is a minimum amount of hours to be spent – see FAQ 4. Otherwise, the time investment for part 1, 2 and 4 can be as elaborate you want them to be. We provide a package with recommended background reading including 1-3 highlights for each module that we introduce during webinar on October 5th & via email. The lectures & working sessions can be followed without prior reading. However, submitting and presenting a written learning paper by December 9th, including references to some of the reading, is a requirement to receive the certificate. We would reserve a minimum of 24 hours in total to do that between November 4th and December 9th.
  1. Can you give me a bit more information about the working methods?
    We have a total of 10 working sessions spread over 5 modules. They are very diverse, ranging from making multi-level and multi-actor analysis of a domain (e.g. energy, water, health care), interviewing one another, applying concepts from lectures to own work in groups of 2, 3 or more, associative/creative exercises using images, etcetera. The exact choice of the exercises will partly depend on the final group composition and backgrounds of participants.
  1. I do not have an intervention, project or specific theme I am currently working on. Can I still participate?
    That should be absolutely fine. In fact, the learning paper can also be used to explore what kind of interventions you want to work on and how, and how you can position yourself in the context of transitions. For some of the group exercises we might ask you to select a particular domain (e.g. energy, water, health care) or geographical location (e.g. Amsterdam, Netherlands, Europe), but these can also be hypothetical.
  1. Can I receive ECTS for this course (and if so – how many)?
    In case of full completion of the Masterclass Societal Transitions, we will recommend your home university to award you a certain amount of ECTS credits. We will then also provide you with a written statement indicating how the ECTS have been calculated and what learning goals have been reached. Please let us know if you’d like to be informed when more information about the ECTS is available.
  1. I cannot pay the full price for the course, what are the options?
    We are open for discussing solutions on how you (we) can finance your participation. So please contact us and let’s have a chat about it.

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