Interactive lecture: Social Innovation Narratives

Interactive lecture & discussion, 17th of June 2016, 14:00-17:00

Worldwide we see critiques of current economic and institutional arrangements emerging. These critiques are translated into action by initiatives promoting new ways of doing, thinking and organizing around alternative ‘new economies’. All sorts of new economy concepts arise; green, communal, collaborative, sharing, inclusive, solidarity, social, circular and several others.

In TRANSIT, an ongoing research project on transformative social innovation, we study 20 translocal social innovation networks in both Europe and Latin America. We conceptualise social innovation as changes in social relations, involving new ways of doing, organizing, knowing and framing. Based on a comparison of social innovation networks and initiatives – such as ecovillages, Transition Towns, Impact Hub, Ashoka, RIPESS and several others – we identified four strands of new economy narratives: 1) degrowth and localization, 2) collaborative economy, 3) solidarity economy and 4) social entrepreneurship.

In an interactive lecture on June 17th dr. Flor Avelino shares insights on how different translocal initiatives across Europe and Latin America question mainstream economy and existing institutional constellations by creating narratives of change and shaping new social relations. We discuss the transformative ambitions and potential of these initiatives and explore their role in enabling transformative change towards a sustainable future. What do you think their – and your own – contribution can be in building the next economy? There will be plenty of time for participants to share questions and reflections.

We welcome all people who are curious to know more about new economies, social innovation and grassroots movements. This event is hosted in a partnership between the Changemaker Programma of the Sustainability Institute in South Africa, the EU-funded TRANSIT project, the Transition Academy of DRIFT and IHS – Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies. Think along and join us on June 17th at the IABR.

The event in itself is free of charge but it does require an IABR day-ticket (12,50 p.p.) to enter the venue.

This session on Social Innovation Narratives on New Economy takes place right before the IABR Next Talk with Oliver Wainwright at 17:30 about “Sell-out Cities – How the market and big corporations are shaping our cities”. Please note that there is limited capacity so it would be wise to make reservations beforehand.