Julia Wittmayer in Top 3 sustainability research

What is the role of researchers in sustainability transitions? DRIFT colleague and Transition Academy teacher Julia Wittmayer reached a top 3 and honorable mention in the Best Paper Award, by the renowned paper Sustainability Science.

Her article “Action, research and participation: roles of researchers in sustainability transitions” was praised by the committee for filling a hole in literature on process oriented research approach in sustainability science.

The Best Paper Award 2014 states that “The authors establish an in-depth understanding of the activities and roles of researchers […] by specifying ideal-type roles that researchers take when dealing with key issues in creating and maintaining space for societal learning – a core activity in process-oriented approaches.”

The Awards committee adds that ‘‘The question being addressed – the proper role of a sustainability scientist, when activism, scientific process and rationality, and pragmatic politics often collide – is critical, and not adequately considered in many cases. Publishing this paper was an excellent decision for that reason, and I think recognizing it […] is entirely appropriate.’’ The roles discussed by Wittmayer are change agent, knowledge broker, reflective scientist, self-reflexive scientist, and process facilitator. To better understand these ideal-type roles, they are used as a heuristic to explore a case of transition management in Rotterdam.

Julia Wittmayer will be sharing her action research experiences at the Short Research Course on Urban Transitions, end of September in Rotterdam atorvastatin 10 mg.

Julia Wittmayer
Julia Wittmayer