Food Transitions, the sequel

Great news for sustainable food lovers, teachers, growers, debaters and cooks! On November 23rd we start with the second edition of the Masterclass Food Transitions, a 5 day intensive course about transforming the food chain.

The first edition started earlier this summer with a sizzling day of sustainable food thinking at Rotterdam city farm “Uit je eigen stad”. After a thorough introduction of hosts Sandra van Kampen and Flor Avelino on Transitions and the food system, participants were challenged to use their various backgrounds for a first joint thinking effort. The evening ended with two guests speakers on the pro’s and cons of food collectives and urban farming.

Since there is always more to learn, with new participants and (some) new guest speakers, Transition Academy and De Schaal van Kampen decided to launch a second edition in November. The dates for this winter edition are:

Monday November 23
Monday December 7
Monday January 11
Monday February 1st
Monday February 15

You can find more information about the course (plus the registration link) on our course page, or contact Sandra van Kampen directly for more information.

Participants of the summer edition Food Transitions