DRIFT & Transition Academy join Erasmus Graduate School

In order to further support it’s PhD programme, the Dutch Research Institute for Transitions (DRIFT) has recently joined the Erasmus Graduate School for Social Sciences and Humanities.

To celebrate this productive cooperation, DRIFT and the Graduate School will hold an official launch on March 1 (16.00-17.00) by showcasing DRIFT’s unique type of action research. After the presentations, Graduate School dean Liesbet van Zoonen will also announce the winners of the yearly awarded “Graduate School Award for PhD Excellence”.

Get a taste for DRIFTS unique type of action research during a concise one hour programme including two short talks by:

Rick Bosman MsC – PhD candidate
“Regime dynamics in the Dutch Energy Transition”
Rick’s work focusses on the energy transition, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Recently, Rick advised the Economic Affairs committee of the Dutch parliament on the effects of Germany’s Energiewende and the Social Economic Council (SER) in its efforts to reach an Energy Agreement for Sustainable Growth. In this presentation he will present his research on regime dynamics in the Dutch Energy Transition.

dr. Flor Avelino – Senior researcher, lecturer and academic director Transition Academy
“Transformative social innovation”
As senior researcher and lecturer at DRIFT, Flor’s research focuses on the power of people to realise sustainability transitions. As scientific co-coordinator of TRANSIT, she is currently involved in theorising and empirically studying transformative social innovation.

In a so-called TAC Talk formula Flor will share research highlights on Transformative Social Innovation and the power of social movements in sustainability transitions. TAC Talks form a series of talks that aim to bridge the divide between theory and practice and challenge people to Think and Act for transformative Change.

The launch event is open to anyone interested in hearing more about DRIFT as a research school, action research, the energy transition and/or transformative social innovation. Please let the Graduate School know if you’re planning to attend, by registering via this link.

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Rick Bosman & Flor Avelino