2nd year Transition Management

Second year course as part of the Bachelor degree programme ‘Climate & Management’ at the Hague University’, taught by Charlie Spork (DRIFT).

In this course students get aquinted with the approach of Transition Management as a way to organise and influence societal change towards sustainable outcomes. During the course students are taught to think about ‘transitions’ in terms of long-term processes of change in complex societal systems. Various concepts and tools from the TM-cycles will be discussed and applied with the aid of examples from the energy, transport and spatial design sectors.

Learning goals

students can apply the concepts and insights from transition management to real cases.

students can critically evaluate projects by looking into the degree to which those projects contribute to the desired societal change.

Analyse & synthetise

students can identify, orden and connect the different levels (landscape, regime, niche) at which societal change processes can be viewed to take place.

students can recognize and interpret the complexity of societal change and the implications for the rol of governance.

students are able to name, define and recognize various core concepts from the transition management approach.