Masterclass Societal Transitions

Striving for Systemic Impact

Do you sometimes think that societal challenges are hopelessly complex, but are still committed to make a difference? Do you search for bridges between civil society, government and business? Then join us this fall for the second edition of Societal Transitions, a 5-day masterclass that releases the potential of social innovation and invigorates participants to lead change in their professional and personal environment.

The masterclass combines a critical perspective on societal change with pragmatic tools and insights from transition management and entrepreneurial practice. It does so by tapping into the latest research and practice on social innovation and sustainability transitions, drawing from the combined expertise of  the Dutch Research Institute for Transitions (DRIFT), the Transition Academy and the Impact Hub network.

The Masterclass Societal Transitions consists of five thematic modules, spread out over 5 days and one evening in and around the vibrant Impact Hub Amsterdam. In these five modules you will learn to:

  • Apply system thinking
  • Analyze transition dynamics in your field
  • Identify relevant actors and power relations
  • Recognize societal trends and movements
  • Design a transition intervention
  • Construct your own narrative of change

Are you interested? Get in touch with course coordinator Marijke de Pous or express your interest via this form.

DRIFT, Transition Academy and the Impact Hub organised an intensive 5 day masterclass on social innovation and sustainability in October 2015.


A growing community of researchers and practitioners argue that our societal challenges ask for sustainability transitions: processes of fundamental transformation towards more sustainable and resilient societies. New solutions offered by social entrepreneurs and civil society networks are expected to enable societal transformation. But how do social innovations contribute to systemic change? Can innovation drive the transition towards a sustainable society? How are innovations cultivated, empowered and scaled? What can we learn when we combine the insights of researchers and experienced social entrepreneurs, policy entrepreneurs and change makers, to set and encourage the change agenda within our own projects and organizations?

This Masterclass Societal Transitions provides the setting and tools to answer these questions. By combining state-of-the-art research with deep critical reflection and applied action learning, the course strikes a balances between intellectual challenge and practical wisdom. We provide a diversity of perspectives to enable you to discover what fits you and your goals and to construct you own narrative of change.


The Masterclass Societal Transitionsis designed for a diverse combination of professionals, researchers, government officials and other change makers. You represent a variety of contexts but share a strong commitment to being in a learning trajectory that combines intellectual input with active participation.

Last years participants work working in the fields of health care, community led transition toward low carbon energy, social entrepreneurship, water and sanitation, education and social justice.


The programme involves a series of interactive lectures, discussions and participatory methods. Participants are encouraged to apply concepts and insights in their own context and in their own case work with feedback and relevant readings, provided by course teachers and supported by fellow participants.

The detailed 2017 programme is currently in development and will be added to this page in January. The programme will be similar to the 2016 programme which has just finished. To get an impression of the 2016 programme you can take a look at our 2016 module descriptions.

The Masterclass Societal Transitions is taught by both academics and practitioners, experts in a variety of fields, from sustainability to social entrepreneurship and transitions. The course is guided by Dr. Flor Avelino (DRIFT) and Tatiana Glad (Impact Hub). A digital reading package and learning case assignment is used during the course. Participants who complete the course will be granted a certificate from the Transition Academy, DRIFT/Erasmus University Rotterdam.


For more information pleas get in touch with course coördinator Marijke de Pous at or 06-49 86 95 42 for more information!

If you are interested and want to keep up to date about the programme, you can express your interest via this form.

It is also possible to register directly via the 2017 registration form.



€2,541 (ex. BTW) / incl. lunches & 1 dinner


The course takes place at the Impact Hub Amsterdam, located in the city of Amsterdam, home to many creative, cultural and innovative entrepreneurs. For more information on the directions, look at