In Company Offer

The Transition Academy has extensive experience in post-academic education for professionals, ranging from in-company trainings and Masterclasses to longer learning trajectories. Organisations can enable their employees to participate in one or more of these trajectories, and/or hire our trainers to provide in-company training services. It is also possible for organisations and their internal academies to co-develop a learning trajectory in collaboration with the Transition Academy.

For a one or two day workshop, we offer a number of basic modules (see overview below). A number of these modules can be selected, customized and integrated into a context-specific programme, based on the needs of your organization, the amount of time available and your budget. An important element of each module is the interaction between participants and the ability to build on existing projects and processes within the organization. For each workshop or training we approach affiliated lectures and trainers of the Transition Academy with specialized knowledge and experience.

Thematic Modules

Below you can find an overview of some of the educational modules we offer. These modules are flexible, which is to say they can be adjusted and fine-tuned to the specific needs of the participants and the commissioning organisation. The timespan of each module can vary from 30 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the amount of time available and the degree of interaction. If participants are not yet familiar with the subject matter of transitions and/or transition management we advise to incorporate the first two introductory modules in the programme.

  1. Introduction Transition Thinking*
  2. Introduction Transition Management*
  3. The Transition Arena
  4. Participative Methods in Transition Management
  5. Urban Transition Management
  6. The Energy Transition
  7. Bottom-Up: The Role of Citizens and Social Entrepreneurs in Transition
  8. Power and Empowerment in Transitions
  9. Democracy en Legitimation in Transitions

For more information about customized in company workshops en trainings, please contact Marijke de Pous at :