In Company Testimonial

In fall 2015, the National Platform Science & Technology participated in a 6-day training coördinated by Transition Academy/DRIFT, to gain insight in the ground principles of transition management, and to learn to apply these principles in their daily professional environment. The twelve participants look back on an informative experience:

The training days offered were diverse: from practical insights in transitions in care and energy, to the theoretical background of transition management and tools for reflexive monitoring. Our organisation is developing, and the training helped us to take distance from our daily basis and our project-based way of working. Instead, we focused on our long-term ambitions and position in the field of education and on the paths we need to follow to succeed. In addition, the course helped us to establish a common language and conceptual framework, and helped us sharpen our approach.


The course coördinators and teachers are professional and experienced. Prior to every training day, we received readings and preparational work, which contributed to in-depth learning at the training day itself. The course was tailor made to our wishes, with engaged coordination between the National Platform Science & Technology and TAC/DRIFT, not only beforehand – but also during the course.

The National Platform Science & Technology has been commissioned by the Dutch government, the education and the business sectors to ensure sufficient availability of people who have a background in scientific or technical education. Therefore, the National Platform facilitates mutual contact between schools, universities, businesses, ministries, municipalities, regions and sectors. The objective is to ensure that the future supply of knowledge workers will meet the expected demand. Learn more about the National Platform Science & Technology at their website.

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