8 new Transformative Social Innovation case studies online!

Sustainable development is needed, but in order to envision this development we need to empower people and facilitate the change we want to see. According to TRANSIT, transformative social innovation plays a crucial role in fulfilling this need. Therefore, the research project aims to develop a theory of social innovation with a focus on empowerment and change that is both practical and relevant. In their recently published case studies on a variety of social innovation networks, you learn everything about their findings.

The TRANsformative Social Innovation Theory project, coordinated by Drift, is an ambitious research project that is co-founded by the European Commission and runs for four years, until December 2017. In these years, TRANSIT will develop a theory with practical implications, based on insights from diverse theoretical frameworks, in-depth case study analyses and quali-quantitative comparative meta-analysis. Furthermore, the researchers take feedback from social entrepreneurs, innovators, policy makers and academics into account.

The team is not only developing a theory of Transformative Social Innovation, but also delivers working papers, training tools, policy and practice briefs for social innovators, entrepreneurs, researchers and policymakers during the research process. The new available case studies complement the earlier work of TRANSIT, bringing the total number of studied networks to 20, spread across Europe and Latin America.
Do you want to read more? Visit the TRANSIT-homepage or navigate directly to the case study of your interest. These are the newly released case studies: