Collaboration beyond borders at the ICEACAN project

Our colleague Antonia Proka, PhD candidate at DRIFT, was invited to contribute with her knowledge on the Energy Transition and the role of community energy initiatives to the 1st ICEACAN (Instituto de las Communidades Energeticas Autosuficientes de Canarias) Energy Academy taking place this April in Canary Islands, inaugurating in this way the collaboration between ICEACAN and the Transition Academy (DRIFT).

ICEACAN is a permanent development and educational center to be created in Gran Canaria through the Spanish Energy Cooperative SOM Energia. ICEACAN is an educational instrument to provide logistic support to the Canarian citizens in their wish to pursue energy transition models locally. Being constituted as an institute for capacity building and development of projects, the ultimate goal of ICEACAN is to serve as a projects incubator with citizen participation as the main target, promoting energy self-consumption models, as well as the establishment of supporting initiatives for local communities becoming self-sufficient energetically (for a Spanish report on the project, click here).

Antonia Proka was asked to participate in this 1st Energy Academy of ICEACAN, after her involvement with the Sustainable Energy Youth Network (SEYN) that started during SEYN’s 2nd Energy Academy last October. SEYN is a network of young people aiming to create a future based on sustainable energy through cooperative approach and wishes to promote the inclusion of young people in the development of renewable energy projects in Europe and beyond.

At the Energy Academy, the concepts of SEYN and ICEACAN were presented, as well as a vision of energy transition for the Gran Canarias. The newly established ICEACAN showed the power of collaboration beyond borders and offered a learning experience and impetus for building change-making communities. Do you want to read more about the activities of SEYN and the ICEACAN Energy Academy? Read the complete report on the event here!